Resources for Santa Cruz County

For your convenience we've assembled a list of local service providers. However, please note that Donner Land & Homes, Inc. and its representatives do not guarantee the performance of any vendors, service or product providers whether referred by Broker or Agents or selected by Buyer, Seller or other person. Buyer and Seller may select ANY providers of their own choosing.

Schools Chimney Service Contractors

Environmental Inspectors

  • ARE Inspections offers tests for allergens (identifying allergy causing sources), mold, bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOC's), and well water. 831-227-0805

Geological Engineers

Geotechnical Engineers

Home Inspectors Pest Inspectors Plumbing, Heating & Air Roof Inspectors Septic Inspectors
  • Allard's Septic 831-338-7040
  • Pete's Outflow 831-475-0959
  • Tom's Septic 831-688-6711
Septic Engineers Surveyors
  • Paul Jensen 831-338-4893
  • Cary Edmunson 831-425-1796
  • Robert Craig 831-359-1750
  • Robert McGregor 831-479-1953
Well Inspections, Parts and Repairs
  • Tom's Well Service 831-423-4107
  • Capitola Pump 831-475-5364
  • Halstead Pump 831-688-4731
Well Installation/Drillers Santa Cruz County Government; Helpful Links