Donner Land & Homes, Inc. Client Comments

Hi Debbie,

Thank you for the professional and friendly way you handled our land sale. It has been a wonderful experience working with you, Marvin, and Bridgette. I learned much from all of you. A special thanks to Bridgette. She is a great asset to your team. She never sleeps! Whenever I had a question, she always had an immediate response regardless of the time, even late at night. She has always been very friendly and professional. Over the years, I have dealt with many real estate people. Until I met you, none of them were much interested or any good at raw land deals. It seemed to be too much effort to hike through the woods with clients. You folks have a winning formula. I wish you continued success.

Thank you,
Tom Russell
Elisa Nava

I just wanted to say how appreciative we are of Donner Team member Rachel Falk. My husband and I are currently in the home-hunting process and we have not been easy clients, yet Rachel has guided us unwaveringly, with patience, savvy, and humor, each step of the way. She has been a wonderful organizer and scheduler, always maximizing the use of our time and making herself available to show us a vast selection of properties, yet never making us feel hurried or pressured. Moreover, she has gone out of her way to research property- related issues for us, saving us tons of work. We think Rachel is Wonderwoman and are so glad she is part of your team. It is our privilege and pleasure to know her!

With sincere appreciation,
Gina du Bois and Mohsen Kamel

Where did you find Rachel? She is such a pleasure to work with and she is easily one of your gems. I can tell you that we (Josie, Art myself and the 2 kids) have only recently met her and she has turned out to be one of the best agents I have worked with. She looks out for our best interests, helps us navigate through the maze of reports and best of all, she is on top of the listing agent to help us close this deal on Eagle Rd. I am so, so glad you introduced us to Rachel. BTW, feel free to post this on your Kudos/recommendation page.

Thanks again!

I wanted to take a moment to thank Donner Land and Homes for doing an excellent job in handling our home purchase. My wife made an intuitive decision to go with Rachel and we realized multiple times throughout the transaction just how good a decision it was. Rachel is an "old pro" when it comes to handling business and particularly people and she more than made up for being relatively new to real estate with her diligence in making sure everything went the right way (and we did have a few bumpy moments). Part of this was consulting the more experienced brokers at your office and part was because she was interested and eager to learn about anything she was not already familiar with. She made sure to stay connected with what we were looking for at each stage of the process and maintained her composure, professionalism and positive attitude even in the more difficult parts of the negotiation. I would (and will) highly recommend both Rachel and Donner Land and Homes to anyone who wants to buy a home in the Santa Cruz area.

Thanks again,
Paz Rheinstein


You did a wonderful job on a very complicated land deal. Thank you so much! Due to your knowledge, expertise, legal connections and professionalism your company, Donner Land saved us tens of thousands of dollars and procured a market price - in record time! Love you all - you made everyone happy: the seller, the buyer the sellers reps the buyers reps - everyone!

My very best,
Khrystyne Haje

Debbie helped us navigate a tricky land purchase with integrity, positive energy, and competence. Initially we were wary of working with her as a buyers' agent because she was also representing the sellers. However, she did a good job of balancing everyone's interests throughout the process. She's able to navigate ambiguous situations astutely and with good humor. We'd work with her again.

Here's to good beginnings!
Adam & Julie

Debbie and Marvin,

You have been successful where other agents have failed. Thank you both again for the a job well done and properly handled and settled so efficiently.

Bless you both,
Mrs San Juan.

Dear Debbie and MaryBeth,

I wanted to take the time to write you a letter and thank you for the expertise and care you put into our first real estate purchase. My wife and I had no knowledge of what it took to buy a house and after the first couple of times I talked to you I felt like I had completed a real estate class. With our limited down payment I know it was a challenge to represent us; however, you did so and did it with such care and attention to detail it really made the difference getting the property we wanted .You did so by coaching us during the bidding process with your lifetime of experience. I would say to anybody considering their first purchase, or ANY real estate endeavor, Donner Land & Homes, Inc. is going to bring you a depth of local knowledge and the persistence to get you the property you want.

Dave and Lisa McGuire


Where did you find Rachel? She is such a pleasure to work with and she is easily one of your gems. I can tell you that we (Josie, Art myself and the 2 kids) have only recently met her and she has turned out to be one of the best agents I have worked with. She looks out for our best interests, helps us navigate through the maze of reports and best of all, she is on top of the listing agent to help us close this deal on Eagle Rd. I am so, so glad you introduced us to Rachel. BTW, feel free to post this on your Kudos/recommendation page.

Thanks again!
Robert T.

We recently listed land for sale with Debbie Donner and wanted to tell others about our experience. Much to our gratification, the property sold very quickly. Debbie was consistently forthright in all our dealings as well as being positive, energetic and courteous. Her years of experience in this specialty niche (undeveloped property) infuse her with the knowledge to sell land. Selling can take quite some time as it is more of the heart than the head. She was very clear with us about all of the parameters involved in the process. Debbie was professional, warm, generous, and spoke her truth to us. She knows the business, the area, and the selling climate. We always felt we were being dealt with fairly and respectfully. We felt like we were working with a friend.

Lee and Jamie Schiff

Dear Debbie and MaryBeth,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you both for getting our land escrow closed. This escrow had just about every facet money, land loan, bank loan, buyer's in state, buyer's out of state, WOW what a handful. That being said you both had the stay power of champions, and MaryBeth you took the gold. This was a very difficult transaction to close and it took a long time but you never let the buyer's lose the love for our property and Debbie you kept us seller's in the loop at all times. Now we are going to have new neighbors and we will be so happy to get to know them better. We are already becoming good friends and we can't wait until they live next door full time. Thank you both again, you are very appreciated.

David and Wendy Peterson

We spent a year and a half looking for Santa Cruz Mountain land and we realized that all the best properties were listed by Donner Land & Homes, Inc. so we had our agent refer us. We left a message with Debbie's colleague, MaryBeth Sundram, explaining what our criteria were and within 24 hours Debbie called back with a parcel to show us. The 88 acre parcel she showed us was much more than we had hoped for. It is a beautiful park like forest we fell in love with immediately and we made an offer on it the next day. Debbie helped us immensely in setting up an excellent owner-financed package that made it affordable and easy.

Now, whenever we see an ad for Donnerland at the local movie theater we cheer and applaud and whenever we hear of someone looking for mountain property we recommend Donner Land & Homes, Inc. There is no reason to go elsewhere, Donnerland will find you your Wonderland.

Dennis & Lonna
Santa Cruz

Hi Debbie,

I wanted to take a moment to thank Donner Land and Homes for doing an excellent job in handling our home purchase. My wife made an intuitive decision to go with Rachel and we realized multiple times throughout the transaction just how good a decision it was. Rachel is an "old pro" when it comes to handling business and particularly people and she more than made up for being relatively new to real estate with her diligence in making sure everything went the right way (and we did have a few bumpy moments). Part of this was consulting the more experienced brokers at your office and part was because she was interested and eager to learn about anything she was not already familiar with. She made sure to stay connected with what we were looking for at each stage of the process and maintained her composure, professionalism and positive attitude even in the more difficult parts of the negotiation. I would (and will) highly recommend both Rachel and Donner Land and Homes to anyone who wants to buy a home in the Santa Cruz area.

Thanks again,
Paz Rheinstein

Debbie helped me buy my property (two parcels - see testimonial further down page) and then helped me sell one of them five years later. Debbie is a great coach and showed patience with the listing and subsequent sale during a difficult time in the real estate market. She helped me receive a fair price for my property - which I was happy to receive. Debbie is a ball of positive energy that gets the job done. Let her know what you want and she'll find it for you. She made the selling experience as stress-free as possible. Buying or selling... I can't imagine doing it in Deer Creek without Debbie.


Hi Debbie and Marybeth,

I just wanted to express my appreciation to you and your team. You have the uncanny ability of being able to find the right property for the right people. As you know every property in the Santa Cruz mountains has its own personality. You seem to be able to align with property with the right owner.

I have purchase multiple properties from your team and I could not be happier. Your process was pain free and your patience and flexibly were exceptional. I have purchased other properties and it can be a nightmare. You waded through all the muck and made it an easy transaction.

I would recommend your team to anyone interested in purchasing a place in the Santa Cruz mountains. Thanks for all your support and putting up with me. Sincerely,

Joseph Siecinski
Joski International Enterprise
Director of Operations

We have worked with both Debbie and MaryBeth for three land and property real estate transactions. We have been so happy with each transaction. No one knows ins and outs of land transactions like Donner Land. They help you every step of the way through either selling or buying property and give you the confidence to reach for your dreams. The personable attention you receive makes the process very smooth and the results have been outstanding, in any sort of market. We can't recommend Donner Land enough. I'm already dreaming of the next piece of land they will help me find.

Shannon and Kevin Greene
Los Gatos, California

Over the years I have had the pleasure of doing excavation work with Debbie, Marvin, and Marybeth on many occasions. We've faced landslides, septic problems, washed out bridges, drainage issues, properties that had no access or useable driveway and more. I have always found them all to be cheerful, attentive, and there when ever I had questions. There was never a doubt that they would come through with what ever was needed to get the job done right for the customer. I have seen a hand full of properties with difficult to solve issues that other realtors had no idea how to deal with. Once Debbie took control on these everything was smoothly handled and the properties sold in very little time. She often seems to have that special needle in a haystack property that is a once in a lifetime find. If a difficult to find location and exotic serine landscape is just what your dreaming of, it seems to be at Debbie's doorstep more often than not. I have seen her work for many years in my area and know and live near over a dozen of her satisfied customers. I'm always very proud to work with her and she is the first one I recommend to anyone searching for their dream property in the bay area. If she's not the best, I don't know who is!

Chris Stille
Landowner, Los Gatos

What a pleasure to work with Debbie! She listened. Really listened to us about what we were looking for and took us to the very kind of places we had in mind. Debbie Donner knew we wanted a Homestead, not just a house and her upbeat personality, warm energy and sincere honesty made our entire Home search a really joyous experience.

Kate Freeman & Hillary Kay

Debbie represented me on both the purchase and subsequent sale (5 years later) of my home in Boulder Creek. She handled my transactions with professionalism, vigor and was always forthright. She knows every aspect of land/home sales in the Santa Cruz mountains. Anyone considering a home or land in those beautiful mountains shouldn't hesitate to use her influence, knowledge and skill. I thank her for all her energy she put into making my purchase and sale as smooth possible.

Matthew J. Moon

I just wanted to take the time and send you a note of thanks appreciation. After more than a year of searching for the perfect spot you found it.

Having been in the business world for more than 20 years with involvement in many major capital sales and even corporate acquisitions I have seldom had such an impressive experience as with you. It is rare in business, and I have found even more rare in real estate, having been in more than a dozen transactions, that an agent can bring the knowledge, enthusiasm, creativity, honesty and follow through that you brought to my recent purchase of my mountain ranch.

I am excited and thankful for your help and guidance that helped me acquire one of my life's dreams.

Thank you again.


Kevin DeNuccio
President and CEO
Redback Networks Inc

We recently had the great fortune of working with Debbie to purchase property that was listed by another agent. Integrity, positive energy, and a comprehensive understanding of the land and local customs are key reasons why we selected Donner Land & Homes, Inc. instead of the listing agent. Debbie provided invaluable insights and attended to all the details needed to successfully negotiate the pitfalls inherent in real estate transactions. Without reservation, we enthusiastically recommend Donner Land & Homes, Inc. to anyone buying or selling property in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Deb and David

I have had the true pleasure of working with Debbie Donner on several real estate transactions over the years, both as the buyer and the seller, and she has always exceeded my expectations. There are so many things about Debbie that I appreciate and respect: Her positive attitude, vision, and the energy she puts into her work; Her reliability and dedication; Her high level of integrity, both for the buyer and the seller; Her vast knowledge and dominating position in her market. I would without a doubt trust Debbie with any real estate transaction in the Santa Cruz Mountains and beyond.

Jon Bobst

Debbie was incredible, we had our land on the market for over two years and once I contacted her and had her come look at the property, she had a buyer for me in one week! Incredible! The buyer she brought in was great and very cooperative. I look forward to working with her on my next transaction.

Shanne Carvalho
Aptos, CA

I'm quite sure my 25 acre parcel would still be for sale had it not been for the professionalism, insight and determination Debbie Donner provided.

Stephen Steinhart
Palo Alto, CA

It has been an honor and privilege to work with Deborah Donner . She is a person of high moral value that respects all aspects of her profession and performs her duties to her clients with efficiency, grace, goodwill and open mind.

Nancy Rapp

My transaction with Donner Land & Homes, Inc. took a year to complete. This was due to all the problems with the County that can sometimes come up with land deals. However, Deborah Donner never, never missed one detail or displayed any anxiety at any setback. The entire time, Debbie kept her head clear, her heart soft, and her hands on my shoulders. I enthusiastically recommend this company to any one, investor or home buyer. Anyone who respects these values in their transactions should choose Donner Land & Homes, Inc. as their agency.

Diana Cornelius

Debbie and Marvin are wonderful people. Whether you are interested in buying or selling a property,looking for land or just interested in gathering thoughts and bits of wisdom,you should contact them.

Our home was not a conventional home.We used alternative energy and had quite a few acres located in the mountains at the end of a dirt road with a beautiful view.We knew the potential buyer would be one who fell in love with the property. Debbie was positive and honest when we began the questions.Her integrity and her compassion never lessened.We felt very, very comfortable having Debbie at the helm. The first party who contacted Debbie bought our home. Debbie handled all of the questions and situations that arise in real estate with an efficiency that comes with knowing the business and the people you work with.

Contact Debbie and Marvin, I know you will be happy to meet them and very pleased with their professional accomplishments and what they can do for you. They are both awesome.

Mahalo nui loa, Marvin and Debbie.

The Azar Family.

My husband and I interviewed many agents before we met Debbie Donner. From the moment we met Debbie, we knew we had found the ideal person to help us sell our property. We had a unique mountain property, with lots of acreage and there weren't many comparable listings. Debbie's deep understanding of mountain properties, coupled with her energy and enthusiasm helped us to sell our property quickly and for a fair price. The transaction was smooth and efficient, with no surprises. We'll definitely call Debbie again if we need to buy or sell real estate.

Thanks to the whole team at Donner Land.

Joe and Lisa Raineri

Debbie Donner did a great job in helping us find the perfect property for us. She's friendly, enthusiastic, and deeply knowledgeable about the area she serves. After a few phone calls, she had us so well pegged that we bought the first property they showed us, it was the right one! Debbie and Marvin helped educate us on the challenges and solutions to mountain living, and have become friends. Anyone looking for mountain property in the area should give Donner Land & Homes, Inc. a call.

Joy Mundy and Tony
Navarrete, Menlo Park and Boulder Creek

Debbie Donner is a magician at what she does. Her endless positive energy and tremendous integrity made us feel absolutely sure that our land would sell to the right buyer at the right price. Her knowledge of the Santa Cruz Mountains is unmatched, and her understanding of the field of land realty is profound. Always honest, up-front and to-the-point, Debbie made us feel like we could trust her through and through. We feel fortunate to have had Debbie as a guide in this potentially difficult process. In the end, the process was absolutely painless, and the results were incredible!

Thanks so much, Debbie and Marvin, for everything!

Lisa Coleman and Andy Puhvel

I am writing this as a testimonial to you and I hope you share this with others so they may be encouraged to experience your warmth and your professionalism.

My experiences with you have been nothing but positve. Your knowledge of land transactions in general were wonderfully helpful in my decision to purchase property in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The time you took explaining land ownership to me and coaching me in real estate transactions is much appreciated.

I also would like to commend you on making my purchase about what I wanted and for taking the time to understand what I was looking for. You helped me to establish a focus and then identified properties that fit the framework we had established. From start to finish you managed the process with a personal flourish that makes you unique and special.

Debbie, your integrity and your intensity; for your focus and your honesty; for your sharing of your knowledge - for these things I thank you.

Victor Smith
San Jose, CA

Dear Deborah,

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude and appreciation of the excellent friendly service you provided brokering the two land purchases I recently made. It was a pleasure working with such a dynamic person. The purchases went smoothly and I feel I not only purchased property but also gained a friend and valuable resource in the area.

Thanks again for your great service.

Dominic Owen
Campbell, CA

Having spent much of my youth vacationing with my parents in our cabin near Boulder Creek I longed to return to the beauty of the Santa Cruz mountains. I never thought it possible until I discovered Debbie Donner and her treasure of land listings.

Debbie's boundless energy, generosity, intimate knowledge of the area, and eagerness to show me properties and advise me soundly on each one's unique qualities and challenges was invaluable. I was most impressed when she worked to secure for me a substantial property at a price I never imagined possible. I wish I had found her much sooner.

My relationship with Debbie Donner, however, didn't end with the close of escrow. Debbie and her husband have continued to provide expert advice and assistance on all matters related to owning mountain property.

Chris Christensen
Boulder Creek, CA

Therese and I can't express how much we enjoyed working with you and your team. We felt more like family than clients and where kept energized through the sometimes depressing realities of searching for beautiful land in such a prized area by your incessant enthusiasm, flexibility, and positive outlook. Having access to the knowledge of your husband Marvin, a true Renaissance Man of the mountains, and the assistance of your capable and active colleague, MaryBeth Sundram, made the land search and acquisition part of the journey as enjoyable, accommodating, and effective as it could have ever been. We now have our Dream Come True piece of land in the Santa Cruz Mountains and can't believe we once thought we'd have to move over a hundred miles away from the Bay Area to get the Nature and size of parcel we wanted!

We simply can't thank you enough.

Mark and Therese McCoy
Los Gatos Mountains, CA

I just wanted to write and thank you for your help selling the land on Doeg Road. The sale of this piece of property was complicated by a number of things: red tag on the property, estate sale, second loans. I also had never participated in a real estate sale, but you were so patient with me. You explained everything, and when roadblocks came up, you took a deep breath, then gladly helped me and the title company resolve them.

You are extremely professional, kind, straightforward and friendly. I really appreciate how you helped me through this sale, difficult both emotionally and logistically. I look forward to more transactions with you in the future!

Corey Jaseph
Boulder Creek, CA

Dear Debbie,

It was a pleasure doing business with you. We feel that you handled the sale of our property in a very professional manner. We realize that selling raw unimproved land that are is very difficult. We couldn't have asked for a better representative for our interest. You allayed our fears and built our trust and confidence in you. We feel confident in recommending your services to anybody we know who is seeking the services of a broker.

Thank you for helping us with the loan. Your promptness impressed me. You were very considerate and people oriented all the way. It was indeed a great pleasure meeting you.

Conrad Tracy & Renee Tully
Los Gatos Mountains, CA

Debbie Donner helped pave the road to accomplish our dreams. She's inspirational and reassuring with a perky, uplifting personality. She left none of our questions and concerns unaddressed or unanswered. I would recommend her services to those seeking mountain properties in a jiffy.

Mana & Michael
Boulder Creek, CA

Dear Debbie,

We loved having you as our agent! Thanks to you, our first home-buying experience was wonderful. From our first meeting at your beautiful home we knew we were in excellent care. We appreciated your promptness, dedication and earnest excitement. It was incredible how quickly we came upon the house, but it was also incredible how quickly you acted on our behalf. Thank you for everying!

Two very happy homeowners, soon to be three.

Melisa & Kiva
Ben Lomond, CA

I have personally known Debbie Donner for over 20 years. For at least the past 15 years she has been brokering real estate in the San Lorenzo Valley.

As Escrow Officer for local title companies, I have closed well over 70 escrows for Debbie. I have found Debbie to be very caring and attentive to all of her clients needs and issues that may have been involved with their transactions. Some were very difficult involving many property and title issues. Debbie, through diligent hard work and creatively helped find solutions to these issues that resulted in successful closings.

Debbie's clients have always appeared well counseled and informed of the status of their transaction at all times. Debbie is very well liked by her clients and enjoys delightful business relationships with them. Over the past 15 years, she has had many repeat customers.

Rosemary Vukich
First American Title Co.
Santa Cruz, CA

Thank you for all the friendly transactions we have had with you over the last several years. You have been a dual agent in helping us to buy six parcels, and in selling six parcels for us, a total of twelve transactions in all. We have always found you to be honest and caring about your clients. You are very attentive to detail, and have an ability to look for solutions to difficult problems.

In addition to buying and selling land, we have also had other business associations with you. You have referred between twenty to thirty clients to us, so we have had a chance to observe your dealing with other people also. Always, you have maintained your high standard of honesty and caring for clients.

Thank you, Debbie, for the opportunities we have had to be associated with you.

Larry Palm, Civil Engineer - Land Surveyor
Santa Cruz, CA

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Ms. Debbie Donner as a real estate agent. I purchased a 95 acre property through her and was very satisfied with her services. Of note was the fact that she informed me of the negative as well as the positive features of the property I was buying. She was honest, reliable and competent in all aspects of the purchase. I recommend her highly.

Mariquita West, M.D.
Los Gatos, CA

Deborah Donner helped me buy an undeveloped property in the Boulder Creek area earlier this year. She has the knowledge and has taken the time to help me with the extra issues related to living and building a home away from the usual city services. As a resident of that area, she was able to discuss all these issues until I was comfortable before the sale, and she put me in touch with the necessary people afterwards. I am comfortable that she will be willing and able to help with any future needs or problems that arise.

In this sale, she represented both the seller and me. In my opinion, we were both treated fairly.

Personally, she is generous, enthusiastic, optimistic, relaxed and informal. She has been able to understand and work with me and my wife and our sometimes conflicting desires. She never evaded questions or failed to take seriously any of our concerns. Professionally, the sale went smoothly, without any problems.

I have interacted with real estate agents on four occasions and bought one other property. My experience with Debbie has been the best, particularly because of her openness and familiarity with the area.

Max Marshall, Ph.D.
San Jose, CA

It has been a pleasure and a delight working with Debbie finding my property. Not only is she an exceptionally warm and friendly person, but she is also exceptionally knowledgeable and experiences in her field. In addition to being an excellent listener in ascertaining my requirements, she is one the highest integrity people I know, giving frank, straightforward, and accurate guidance and advice, telling it like it is. Her efforts in finding just the right property for me were extraordinary. I hold her in highest regard and recommend her unreservedly as one of the best in the business.

Bob Sleeth
Boulder Creek, CA

Thank you for your help and encouragement. [The property] is way beyond what I could have imagined being able to get and has so many possibilities. It's happening is thanks to your personal involvement.

Jason Hyatt

David and I would like to extend our gratefulness to you on behalf of the wonderful job you did assisting us with the purchase of our cabin. Your expertise and professional knowledge of the Boulder Creek area was very commendable. We both agree that this has actually been one of the most pleasant real estate transactions we've made, and I believe it was your sincerity, patience, and cavalier attitude that was the most inspiring of all. May you always have much success in all your endeavors, Thanks for a job well done!

Mary and David Devine
Boulder Creek, CA

I just want to thank you for all your help in obtaining this land. You are our angel in helping us find this land and guiding us through the process of purchasing it. You have been such a vital role in helping us make this dream possible. I can't thank you enough for it! But not only are you a great broker, but you are also a great friend and I am looking forward to continuing our friendship. Many thanks to you.

The Rubinos

La Bruscheta Restaurant, Felton

Now that the final papers on the sale of my 40 acre property have been signed and the deal is legally closed, I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for the professional manner in which you represented me throughout the entire process.

Way back when I gave you the listing, we both knew that the market was quite flat and that my particular property presented some particular problems, especially topography, which would likely limit the interest of potential buyers. However, your preserverance paid off. Our professional relationship was further complicated by my living in far off Alaska, yet you were consistently considerate in keeping me updated and informed of your activities concerning the property. Your suggestions in negotiating mutually acceptable terms and conditions of sale were obviously helpful to both myself and the buyer.

Thank you for your professional representation, and I wish you the best in your continued activities.

Dean S. Berg

We made our first unimproved land purchase in the Santa Cruz Mountains back in 1990. Debbie Donner was our broker. She was very upfront, providing details about the risks and advantages of buying "raw" land. Debbie went so far as to mention that the parcels were under the landing flight path for SFO airport (even though the approach altitude is quite high, you can occassionally hear the planes). She recommended sources for preliminary septic tests and a surveyor to help confirm that a potential building site was on one of the parcels that was for sale. Debbie provided us with the information and support that we needed to make a difficult decision. Since we purchased the property off of Bear Creek Canyon (A.K.A. Araki Rd.), she has been an invaluable resource for us when we have been dealing with our Road Association and she has been a really great neighbor.

Bill Robertson

Over the years I have worked with many brokers in either the purchase or sale of property. I can say, without reservation, that Debbie Donner is the best. She is thorough, tenacious, and has the ability to see through potential obstacles. Even in my case when representing both buyer and seller, I found Debbie to be fair and impartial, keeping the interests of both sides in balance. For me, she was a creative problem-solver, willing to go the extra mile to assist me in the successful close of my real estate transaction.

Not only did she know the history of the property she represented to me, she also referred me to people in the field who helped me with reports and preliminary information related to my purchase. Not only did I have the benefit of a skilled broker, I now have the benefit of a new friendship. I endorse and encourage buyers and sellers alike to use the expertise of Debbie Donner.

Marilee French, Director of Curriculum SLV USD

Debbie Donner worked with our family last year to sell my fathers property. She was able to get the property listed and sold in a very reasonable time considering the economy. She was always very helpful and honest and it was a pleasure working with her.

Mary Rhodes
San Jose, CA